MP500 Planetary Concrete Mixer

MP500 Planetary Concrete Mixer  

-Filling volume: 750L

-Compacted concrete per batch: 500L

-Mixing power: 18.5kw

-Pneumatic discharging power

-One discharging door

-Reduction gearbox is specifically designed for a balanced distribution of power with low-noise rotation

-One mixing star

-Large maintenance gate allows easy access

-Water spraying nozzles

-Ni-hard cast iron blades and scrapers are more wearable

-Hardox plate liners

Emergence stop and security positive disconnect lock

-415V, 50HZ.

-Skip hopper, 870L

-Hoist reducer and motor 4KW, SEW

-Orbit -steel structure, platform

– leg height: 2000mm – guardrails – stairs – discharging door shield

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