Zimmerman Volumetric Concrete Mixer Truck

A volumetric mixer truck is a concrete mixing truck that contains all the necessary materials and water to be mixed on site in the truck itself. This means that you can make and deliver concrete according to the exact amounts needed for your project, swiftly and hassle-free. We supply a range of Zimmerman concrete mixer trucks to suit your specific concrete mixing requirements, whether it’s a small renovation job requiring a limited amount of concrete or a towering hi-rise project, requiring a large, continuous supply. Contact us today for an extensive range of concrete mixers for sale.

How does a concrete mixer truck work?

A volumetric mixer truck is essentially a mixing system that measures all the raw materials by volume as opposed to weight. It then blends the concrete mixture, mixing the various ingredients with water. Zimmerman Industries Inc., renown concrete mixer truck manufacturers have been a driving force in the mobile concrete industry for more than 40 years. The Zimmerman volumetric mixers are designed to carry the sand, stone, cement, and water in separate compartments, allowing for accurate mixing of the right quantities when the time arrives to mix. This allows you to control the exact amounts you need to make the right texture concrete, reducing any wastage or unnecessary revenue loss. It is this unique degree of precision that makes them a prominent figure among concrete mixer truck companies.

Superior technology & convenience

As a pioneer in the mobile concrete mixer industry, Zimmerman developed a patented independent chain-feed delivery system, which comes standard on all units and includes a 3-year or 12,000 yard warranty. This system is far more robust than older models and incorporates a self-cleaning metering chain that is the most accurate system on the market. This system also requires less maintenance than any other volumetric mixer on the market, saving you both resources and money.

Concrete mixers for sale

We offer a variety of volumetric concrete mixers for sale. These can be mounted on trucks, trailers, or stationary skids, depending on your requirements and the application it will be used for. Zimmerman Industries, Inc. manufactures a range of volumetric mixers for all types of concrete. This includes latex modified concrete, rapid set concrete, shotcrete, and gunite.

The Zim-Mixer 400N Series is the most productive mobile mixer on the market today. With a 4-11 yard capacity, material chain feed system and self-cleaning cement, it features multiple options to meet multiple applications. These mixers are available in different capacity sizes depending on the job, and can be custom designed to meet specifications. It has a patented dual chain material feed system, which allows for the ability to run materials independently.

Contact us to speak to one of our consultants about your needs and find the ideal concrete mixer truck for your needs.


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