MOBILE Concrete Mixers

A mobile mixer is a concrete mixing machine that contains all the necessary materials and water to manufacture concrete on site. This means that you can mix and deliver concrete according to the exact amounts needed for your project, swiftly and hassle-free. We supply a range of  concrete mixers to suit your specific concrete supply requirements, whether it’s a small renovation job requiring a limited amount of concrete or a towering hi-rise project, requiring a large, continuous supply. Contact us today for an extensive range of concrete mixers for sale.

How does a mobile concrete mixer work?

A volumetric mixer is essentially a mixing system that measures all the raw materials by volume. A mobile mixer measures by weight. They both  combine the concrete mixture, mixing the various ingredients with water and additives, if required.  You arrive onsite with a full load of dry material and start immediately producing continuous fresh concrete.  For larger volumes of production the unit can be reloaded with raw products allowing the batching to remain continuous. Once the amount of concrete required is achieved simply turn off the cement flow, stop the machine & washout the mixing chamber & conveyor and you are ready to leave your job site.

Which product best suits my needs?

We offer both volumetric & mobile mixers for sale.  These can be mounted on trucks, trailers, rail carts or stationary skids.  Depending on your individual requirements and the intended project application it is best to start with a consultation in order for us to understand your individual needs.

Volumetric & Mobile Mixers Available

Concrete Equipment Suppliers Australia has been involved in the mobile mixer and concrete equipment market since the 1970’s and consider we offer two of the best mixers available for remote locations. As Australian dealers for Zimmerman Industries (USA) & Blend Plants (Italy) we offer a diverse range of mixers for all types of concrete production suitable for shotcrete, rapid set concrete, gunite and latex modified.

Contact us to speak to one of our consultants about your needs and find the most ideal volumetric or mobile mixer for your project



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