Concrete Equipment

For concrete mixing, handling and placement

Concrete Equipment Suppliers provides a wide range of new and used industrial equipment for sale. Our extensive product range is sought by clients throughout Australia looking for reliable machines to use for their large and small construction and mining projects. Contact us today to find out about our concrete equipment available for sale, what’s in stock, and how our concrete consultancy specialists can assist you.

Formwork tunnelling

Formwork tunnelling and bridges form a large part of complex road, railway, subway, and harbour and dam systems. We design and manufacture formwork systems to suit specific needs. We also provide the concrete pouring equipment that can dispatch the large volumes of concrete needed for these jobs.

Planetary concrete mixers

We supply a planetary concrete mixer with a filling volume of 750L, a compacted concrete per batch of 500L and a mixing power of 18.5kw. Our mixers come with a large maintenance gate, allowing for easy access and water spraying nozzles.

Recycling plants

Vibrowash is used for loosening and recycling fresh concrete residue and washing water from truck mixers. Using an effective recycling plant protects the environment and saves you money on site management.

Spare parts & maintenance

While we specialise in the supply of concrete construction equipment and parts, we also offer a full maintenance service for all machinery and tools. This will ensure longevity and production efficiency.

Volumetric & Mobile mixers

A volumetric mixer is a mobile truck mixer and batching plant rolled into one. Different materials are stored in different compartments and mixed as and when needed, and in varying volumes. From one small barrow load to truck loads, our mixers can meet all on-site volume demands.

Concrete mixers

CESA offers a large range of quality cement/concrete mixer equipment for sale, and concrete mixer trucks suitable for a variety of projects. From truck mixers to pan mixers and planetary concrete mixers, we have it all.

Concrete pumps

Our team has the expertise to advise you on the most suitable concrete pumping equipment, including the pump itself if need be. Whether it’s a concrete boom pump, line pump, trailer pump or truck mounted, we have what you need.

Concrete batching plants

We have a variety of stationary mobile concrete batching plants for you to choose from, including the highly rated Frumecar unit. We will assess your site and project requirements, and advise you on the batching equipment to suit your needs and budget.

Underground equipment

Our range of shotcrete mining equipment suits a variety of sites. From shotcrete pumps and a range of concrete laying and handling equipment, we have all your construction requirements covered.