Silo Cement Mixers


Cement silos are available for small to medium; medium to large cement storage at batching plants.  They can be easily transported by trailer truck and upon request can be utilised for installation on seismic areas. Currently horizontal silos are a popular alternative. The advantage of a horizontal silo over the standard vertical silo is they can be installed in remote & cyclonic areas and assembled quickly. The 35m3 capacity silo is the preferred horizontal silo allowing it to be road transported and requires a 440v electric supply – low tension 48v. It features filling pipe & vent stub-pipe, inspection hatch with man-hole, steel plates inside to adjust the flow & descent of the cement. Complete with no 10. fluidifying panels, pressure relief safety valve, U-trough horizontal screw conveyor, inclined loading screw conveyor, electric compressor & electric control board. De-dusting filter unit can be added and this allows automatic cleaning with compressed air-jets.

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