White Moduldry concrete

Modular Concrete Plant The MODULDRY 2000 & 3000 belong to the MODULDRY concrete batching plant family, which is the most effective & simple combination of FRUMECAR´s products designed to obtain a simple concrete dosing plant but at the same time equipped with state of the art technology for a better performance. It is the ideal plant for “dry way” stationary works due to its easy installation and portability.

It can be modified according to the needs of each customer: the aggregates hopper can vary from 4 to 5 aggregates in line and the capacities from 60 to 120 m³; in addition, it is equipped with a weighing belt for cycles up to 2 m³ & a factory pre-installed loading area. This plant is assembled very easily and includes: a 1500 kg cement scale, a 750 L water scale, pneumatic installation & a power panel.


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