Zimmerman Volumetric Mixer 2008

ZIM Mixer. Skid Mounted. 9.2.c.u. Meter Capacity producing 45 cu meters per hour in accordance with ASTM C685 & Meeting VMMB Standards Includes: Divided aggregate bin with (2) Sand bin vibrators, 3.2cu meter cement bin with power agitator & (3) vibrators. 1-2 cu. meter pozzolan bin. 1890 litre polyethylene water tank, water pump, universal water flow meter, water solenoid valve VR Meter, 2.74 meter x 304 mm diameter miz, auger with Nyhard blades, power auger lift & swing. 2.43 meter extendable manual chutes. 4-section hydraulic pump, material feed flow control, tachometer Hz electric motor 75 HP 50 Hz Electric motor dust reduction system, unit painting(white), unit mounting on skid yield box Second 1.2 cu. meter pozzolan bin

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