PC 1007 / 712 X


Model PC 1007/712 X S8
Tough, reliable, with a new design that emphasize functionality and ease of use. Available in Diesel version (130 kW, tier III/stage 3A) this trailer pump is able to face heavy duty working condition keeping unchanged his output performance and low operational costs, always complying with low emission regulamentation. An excellent standard supply is enrich by a wide choice of accessories which make this trailer pump complete and versatile for all jobs, from big job-sites to urban areas.

Axial piston type variable capacity and constant power main pump. Gear pump for auxiliary services.
“S” shaped valve for any type of concrete, with special steel and differential thicknesses
Rapid valve exchange
Ideal operations even at high pressures with continuous and soft pumping flow
Automatic wear compensation
Hydraulic system in open circuit
Low noise
Low running costs
Easy access and fast maintenance operations