CIFA Spritz System CSS3

CIFA Spray Concrete System is the outcome of innovative solutions meeting the modular and flexibility requirements of modern building technology.  The Spritz is the perfect choice for the distribution of sprayed concrete in underground mining areas, tunnels and outdoor spray applications.  Because of its design and its ability to travel on its own carrier it is capabale of opening up in its own height. CIFA Spritz System CSS-3 is the synthesis of innovative, modular and versatile technologies of which the new CSS-3 “StepIII” plays the natural evolution of. CSS-3 efficiently solves any sprayed concrete pumping demand, for both underground jobs and for “open air” jobsites. Reliability and hardiness are key features of this machine which ensure high quality performance and an easy and intuitive maintenance. The new “Step III” complies with the EU regulation related to nocive gas emission. The CIFA Spritz System CSS-3: the best investment to improve your business productivity

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