Concrete Pumps

Concrete Line & Boom Pumps

When it comes to construction or mining sites your business depends on the efficient distribution of concrete. In these cases it’s critical to use the right concrete pumps to make the most of your manpower; to ensure a fast, efficient placement of any concrete in the correct place, and at the correct rate. You also need to be able to place concrete in the most complex of places, no matter how narrow, small or steep your job site is.

CESA offers a variety of concrete pumps for sale in Australia, including boom pumps, trailer mounted pumps, line pumps, stationary self-climbing placing booms, and grout pumps. With more than 25 years in the industry and knowledgeable and qualified staff, we are able to offer a wide range of pumps to suit almost all your requirements, and offer all the necessary advice to assist you completely with your project.

We offer a variety of concrete pumping equipment including truck-mounted pumps with various concrete pumping capacities depending on the size of the job at hand. We also offer trailer-mounted concrete pumps with similar pumping capacities, allowing for easy mobility of the pump, and allowing you to easily manoeuvre around your site, or to transfer to a different size.

So, if you are looking for the right concrete pumps for your project contact us at CESA, we have the knowledge and expertise necessary to advise you on the best concrete pumps for your requirements.

From small pours to large commercial jobs, we offer: 

Boom concrete pumps

If you need to pour concrete in high, hard-to-reach places, our range of concrete boom pumps will do the job for you. There’s no need for complicated lifting and shifting of heavy concrete loads, our boom pumps will send the right amount of concrete to the right place, no matter how hard to reach. We offer industry-leading brand names like CIFA and Zoomlion, ensuring your productivity levels remain high at all times.

Self-climbing stationary boom pumps

If your concrete placement needs exceed a certain height, you might require a self-climbing stationary boom pump. These tower-mounted booms are optimally constructed to suit your concrete placing requirements, and can be constructed to suit any high-rise application.

Line or truck-mounted pumps

There are numerous advantages to be gained by using CIFA truck-mounted pumps. From the stability and precision of the boom to the power of the pumping group, and from the rationality and technology of the electronic controls to greater operating versatility and positioning speed, this is an excellent and reliable option for your concrete pouring needs. These pumps are simple and safe to operate, and easy to move around.

Trailer pumps

Trailer pumps offer you the option of easily transporting your concrete pump around, whether it’s on site or between sites. The engines on these pumps are from well-known brands like Volvo and Deutz, and are powerful, environmentally-friendly and energy saving. We also employ the highly efficient Zoomlion pumping system to ensure a steady and reliable flow of concrete at all times.

Grout pumps

Choose from our range of different grout pumps, suitable for all kinds of grouting applications. Our products are high quality and built to last, meaning you will get years of reliable performance from all our grouting equipment.

The suitability of concrete pumps depends on the size and scale of your project and the pour volume required. Our in-house consultant will advise you accordingly on what concrete pump is best suited to your project.

For more information on the right concrete pump for your construction project, contact us today.