Concrete Mixers

Consistently reliable concrete mixers from one of Australia’s most trusted suppliers

Concrete Equipment Suppliers has an excellent reputation placing it amongst market leaders in their field in Australia. Our long-standing, well-established operation is built on 40 years’ experience, which is a good indication of our ability to confidently meet all your concrete mixer requirements. Whether you are looking for traditional concrete trucks, pan mixers, or a larger volumetric concrete or cement truck for sale, we have a comprehensive range to suit all project sizes.

All our staff are industry qualified, with a comprehensive knowledge of every kind of concrete pump truck and mixer. From hydraulics to mechanics, we are fully equipped. We provide the highest quality mixing solutions because we insist on the best products. You can rest assured knowing that our concrete agitator trucks, concrete pump trucks and concrete mixers for sale are completely reliable, and sourced from recognised and reputable brand manufacturers and suppliers.

Our experience as mining and building industry suppliers has given us the insight and quality experience to assess what our clients need to get the job done efficiently and cost-effectively. This is why each concrete truck, cement mixer truck and concrete mixer for sale is manufactured from the best quality materials ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Concrete mixers for use internationally

All our concrete trucks are individually designed to meet worldwide accepted specific blade mounting and bowl rotation requirements. Our staff is qualified to best advise you on all your concrete mixer truck solutions.

CIFA SL Truck mixers

We offer a range of CIFA SL (Super light) mixers, ranging from 7-12 cubic meters drum capacity. Our cement and concrete mixer trucks, and concrete agitators offer high drum volume, limited total weight, are easy to maintain and come with enhanced safety features. More

LT35H Mixer

Our LT35H mixer is a small 3.5 cubic metre concrete truck mixer, especially suited to small batch plants, which operate in metropolitan and field work situations.

Mounted on a single axle truck, it enjoys a pay load of 16 tonnes, and can also be mounted on an off- road truck. It is a light-weight unit designed to access all areas and sites no matter how difficult to enter. These mixers are suitable for concrete mixing, are easily transportable and adhere to all quality and functional standards.

MP Planetary concrete mixer

Our MP Planetary concrete mixer has a filling volume of 750L, and a compacted concrete per batch of 500L. Its mixing power is 18.5kw and it has a pneumatic discharging power. Its reduction gearbox is specially designed for a balanced distribution of power with low-noise rotation, and the unit has a large maintenance gate, allowing for easy access. It also has an emergency stop, and security positive disconnect lock for added safety.

Pan Mixers

We offer many different kinds of concrete pan mixers, with outputs ranging from 400 litres to over 3300 litres. This means we offer solutions for a range of users, including small builders and those who require ready-mix plants. These pan mixers are perfect for mixing mortar, and wet and dry screeds.

Volumetric mixers

When it comes to volumetric concrete mixers, our Zim-Mixer 400N Series is one of the most efficient and productive mobile mixers on the market today. With its 4-11 yard capacity, material chain feed system and self-cleaning cement metering chain, this complex piece of equipment provides the most accurate system on the market today.

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