Shotcrete Underground Mining Concrete Equipment

Shotcrete concretes

When mining companies, contractors and engineers need to apply concrete underground in a quick and efficient manner, they rely on specialist underground mining equipment. This pneumatically-applied concrete, called shotcrete, is a vital component of most civil and mining projects, and you need reliable shotcrete equipment to apply it correctly.

We understand that the correct application of shotcrete forms the foundation of any successful job, and as an experienced company who has serviced the mining industry for many years, we offer a wide range of high quality underground mining equipment for sale.

Shotcreting is widely used for infrastructure, new construction and any most underground projects. We not only supply the necessary shotcrete pumps and machines but will assess your site and advise you on the best methods for applying the material, and what equipment is best suited to your needs.

We have two main shotcrete dispensers, both are hardy and effective and used all over the world to apply concert to underground and other projects.


The CIFA CST8.20 is a brand new boom, designed and manufactured by CIFA and developed specifically for mining and small tunnels. Robust and versatile, it also has extremely precise nozzle placement and a vertical reach of 10 meters. Its unique feature is that it can be unfolded and positioned in driving mode once the machine has reached its work place. The boom has a horizontal slewing ring that allows the operator to follow the entire profile of the tunnel, at every height, with only one joystick movement on the radio remote control.

The machine has a high level of manoeuvrability, and a high clearance on both the front and back allows it to handle off-road surfaces and serious slopes with great agility. The driving seat can be turned 180°.

CIFA Spritz System CSS3

Our state-of-the-art CIFA Spray Concrete System is the product of combining innovative solutions with the modular and flexibility requirements of modern building technology. The Spritz is ideal for distributing sprayed concrete in underground mining areas, tunnels and for outdoor spray applications.

Because of its unique design and ability to travel on its own carrier, it is capable of opening up in its own height. The CIFA Spritz System CSS-3 is a successful combination of innovative, modular and versatile technologies, from which the new CSS-3 ‘Step III’ has evolved. The CSS-3 efficiently handles any sprayed concrete pumping demand, for both underground and open-air jobs. It’s a reliable and hardy machine, which ensures high-quality performance and easy and intuitive maintenance.

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