Bauma Expo Munich Germany 2013

Bauma Expo Munich Germany 2013

All manner of equipment was showcased by IMER GROUP. Their presentation reflecting the quality of their equipment and value for money.

The high Australian Dollar providing great buying opportunities for businesses purchasing overseas equipment for Australia.

Buy Italian goods now!

With the current financial situation in Europe we are able to obtain better deals on all new equipment from our Italian suppliers. Leasing finance is also available for our clients.

Concrete Equipment Suppliers Australia commitment to its clients is and has always been to supply the most suitable, highest quality equipment for the project at the best possible price. With our large knowledge base of available products our aim is to provide professional service and spare parts for our valued clients eqment sold. We value all our clients and their business.

Zimmerman Industries joined the expo this year and was located in the pavilion with American manufacturers. The team led by Jerry & Gil attracted attention with their Zimmerman volumetric mixer.