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Q: What are the advantages of owning a Zimmerman Volumetric Mixer ?

A. The ability to produce concrete onsite in remote areas when & where it is required.  This eliminates the need to transport pre-mixed concrete long distances often in hot environments and resulting in poor quality control of the final product.  Chain driven feed rather than belt conveyor gives positive feed and increased accuracy.  Chains can be repaired easily in remote areas whereas a broken belt means work stops until replacement belt can be supplied.

Q: How long will it take to get a machine ?

A. After signing of contract and finance is arranged it will take 6-8 week for manufacture. The shipping time is 28-40 days depending on company used.

Q: Can “CESA “arrange finance for equipment purchased ?
A. “CESA” have access to several suppliers of finance at extremely competitive rates.

Q: Do “CESA” provide service to equipment ?
A. Service is available through out Australia and carried out by experienced tradesmen

Q: Does “CESA” sell spare parts ?
A. We carry spare parts for CIFA equipment and also a large range of clamps, rubbers, reducers and all requirements for the concrete pumping industry.

Q: Can “CESA” supply spare parts for other equipment used in the concrete industry ?
A. Our company has access to spare parts for most equipment used in the concrete industry, at very competitive rates. Our stocks include parts for concrete pumps, agitators, ORU batching plants and mixers, Hallweld Bennett equipment, MDB range of lifting equipment & Turbosol spray units.

Q: Can I puchase second hand equipment from CESA ?
A. CESA has access to an extensive range of used equipment from Australia and all around the world. Inspection can be arranged prior to purchase. All equipment is checked for compliance with Australian licencing regulations.

Q: How often should I inspect my concrete pump boom ?
A. Equipment maintenance is paramount for a successful business. It is advisable to maintain log books for all equipment. Routine daily, weekly and monthly maintenance should be recorded. A critical visual boom inspection is required every 12months and a complete overhaul is required after 6 years for certification of the boom.