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Concrete Equipment Suppliers Australia

Delivering concrete pumping equipment where & when you need it

Established in 1972, Concrete Equipment Suppliers Australia (CESA) is an Australian-owned and operated company. We are recognised leaders in delivering all aspects of concrete equipment Australia-wide, for batching, delivery, pumping and storage services to the construction and mining industries.

When it comes to industrial, commercial and infrastructure projects, we are known for our ability to supply the most advanced concrete pumping equipment and conveyor systems to ensure your building operations runs smoothly. We are passionate about what we do and it shows in the high- quality products we supply and the excellent service we provide.

As concrete pumping equipment suppliers in Australia we place safety standards at the top of our priority list, and have consultants on hand to provide you with all the information you require regarding our equipment and safety measures. Contact us today to speak to a consultant.

With more than 30 years in the industry we understand the needs of the construction sector, and we offer a professional consultancy service to ensure you benefit from our expertise. Our in-house expert will advise you on the design, fabrication and erection of various projects, and of course we offer a huge range of concrete equipment to suit a wide variety of projects and clients.

Some of our past projects in Australia include wheat silo conveyors, pumps, product silos (flour mills/cement silos), production conveyors, and manufacturing equipment concrete mixers. We also consult on materials and the mechanical handling of production and product transfers.

With our vast experience and knowledgeable and qualified staff, we are able to conceptualize designs and solutions to ensure the maximum efficiency for all your projects. We live by the slogan, “Think Globally. Act Locally.”

We are determined to deliver superior concreting equipment and underground equipment that meets all Australian safety standards, as well as ensuring our ongoing commitment to eco-sustainability.

For more information on our products and services, contact us today.

Formwork tunnelling

Tunnelling and bridges are part of a complex system of roads, railways and subways together with formwork systems for harbours that open doors to the sea, dams valorising water masses to make energy and build barriers. We are able to design and manufacture formwork systems to suit your specific sites requirements.

Planetary concrete mixers

We supply a planetary concrete mixer with a filling volume of 750l, a compacted concrete per batch of 500L and a mixing power of 18.5kw.They come with a large maintenance gate allowing for easy access and water spraying nozzles.

Recycling plants

Vibrowash is a recycling plant used for recycling fresh concrete residues and washing water from truck mixers. It is made by a vibrating screen placed over a storage tank and fed by a hopper. Using an effective recycling plant not only protects the environment but achieves substantial economic savings in your site management.

Spare parts & maintenance

While we specialise in the supply of equipment, we also supply a range of concrete equipment parts and concrete mixer parts. In addition we offer a full professional maintenance service for all equipment, ensuring its longevity and production efficiency.

Volumetric mixers

A volumetric mixer is a mobile truck mixer and batching plant rolled into one. Different materials are stored in different compartments and mixed as and when needed. It is able to supply different volumes of concrete, from one small barrow load up to large volumes for especially large projects, where a specific hourly demand is usually required.

Concrete mixers

When it comes to concrete mixers look no further than CESA. We offer a large range of quality mixers and concrete mixer trucks suitable for a variety of different sized projects and construction sites. From truck mixers to pan mixers and planetary concrete mixers, we offer the lot.

Concrete pumps

Concrete Equipment Suppliers has the knowledge and expertise to advise you on the most suitable concrete pumps for your project, and of course we also supply the pump itself. Whether it’s a concrete boom pump, a concrete line pump, a trailer pump or truck mounted, we have the full range for you to choose from.

Concrete batching plants

If you require a stationary mobile concrete batching plant we have a variety of options for you to choose from, including the highly rated Frumecar batching plant. Our consultants will assess your site and project requirements and advise you on the best batching plant to suit your needs and budget.

Underground equipment

At CESA we have a variety of shotcrete mining equipment suited to different site requirements. From shotcrete pumps and a range of concreting machines we have all your concrete shotcrete requirements covered.

Used equipment sales

In addition to our new state of the art equipment for sale, we also offer used equipment for sale. This equipment has been serviced, is well maintained and in good working order. If you are looking for a used concrete pump for sale, a second hand concrete truck in excellent working order or even used concrete plant equipment, contact us today.

Contact CESA for all your construction site equipment, concrete mixers and pumps, and professional advice.

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Why choose us?

Today, CESA are a company experienced in all facets of concrete equipment supply to the construction and mining industry.

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2016 Concrete Pumper’s Expo 23 October 2016

See you there !!

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Producing for Remote Sites

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Welcome 2016

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